Progress Pictures

Start off by taking your pre-program progress pictures.
Do not skip this!  Seriously, your future self will thank you.

Here are the suggested poses.




There are a couple of measurements that should -ideally- be performed right at the start. Some of them are required in the US Navy body fat % calculations, so why not just do all of them?

Weight Measurement

For weight measurement a basic scale suffices, preferably one that you can keep using to avoid inter-scale variability.

Always weigh at the same moment each day, ideally right after waking up (and urinating).

Body Fat Percentage

We use the US Navy Method to calculate body fat percentage. A calculator can be found here. Alternatively, you can try guesstimating by eye.

Don’t use body impedance scales.

Under Construction…

Optional: Medical Tests

It is not required, but advisable to take some pre-program blood and urine samples and test the following markers.

All done?

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